Departure and Return

oil on canvas
170 x 150 cm

The Moments Thus Far

oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm

I Remember

oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm

Exceptional Night

oil and spray on canvas
170 x 130 cm

Woman With a Dark Face


oil and spray on canvas

95 x 72 cm

This Moment is Everything


oil on canvas 

160 x 120 cm

On the Way of Life

oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm

War 133 Days

acrylic and oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm


mixed media on canvas
50 x 30 cm

A Moment

oil and spray on canvas
160 x 120 cm

Stay Safe

acrylic and spray on canvas
100 x 81 cm

A Moment
A Moment 
oil and spray on canvas 
160 x 120cm
A Moment (poem)
Cosmic Fragments 1/3
acrylic and oil on canvas
50 x 60cm
The Splendor of Life 
62 x 35cm
charcoal and oilpastel on paper

Riitta Hellén-Vuoti

Riitta Hellén-Vuoti (b. 1959) is a Finnish artist, living and working in Kuopio, Finland. By education she is a licensed medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She has been artistic since her youth, and started dedicating more time to painting and poetry around the year 2000.

Her artistic focuses remain in painting and poetry. Her artworks have been on display in various galleries around Finland since the year 2000 and internationally since 2020. She is now transitioning from working as a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist to a full-time artist.

I am interested in – and inspired by – the human being and the never-ending complexities of life. In art it is possible to deal with all the questions and concepts in a more intuitive way. When I was young, I thought I would grow up to be a painter, and now life has shown me it is possible. At first, I mainly worked with oil paint on canvas, but now I also use mixed media. Paintings and poems are inner images. They can sometimes be the same. Layers, textures and metaphors playing together, creating meaning in varying degrees of abstraction.

Licensed medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Solo Exhibitions
Galleria Tila33, Kuopio 2022, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009
Galleria Dix, Helsinki 2016, 2013
Pohjolan Sanomat, Kemi 2011, 2001
Galleria Kapriisi, Kuopio 2003
Galleria Art Halvare, Oulu 2000

Group Exhibitions
Contemporary Art Collectors, VAE 2022
Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome 2022
Monat Gallery, Madrid 2021
Margin Alexander’s Music Exhibition, New York 2021
M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan 2021, 2020
Brick Lane Gallery, London 2021, 2020
Galleria Fogga, Helsinki 2020
Galleria Tila33, Kuopio 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010

Art Fair
International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg / Monat Gallery, Madrid 2022
International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles, Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid 2021
International Contemporary Art Fair Paris, Monat Gallery, Madrid 2021
SHARE IDENTITY, Focus Art Fair, Paris 2021
ART Helsinki 2013, Galleria Dix, Helsinki 2013

2022 Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - Interview with Riitta Hellén-Vuoti
2022 Contemporary Art Curator - Power of Creativity Art Book

Dante Alighieri. International Price, curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo 2021


Interview with Riitta Hellén-Vuoti by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine


Spring 2023

Interview with Riitta Hellén-Vuoti by Contemporary Art Collectors
International Group Exhibition
Monat Gallery Madrid

15.12.2022 – 15.2.2023

"Visions of Hope"
VAE, Virtual Art Group Exhibition
Contemporary Art Collectors

15.9 – 14.12.2022

”Fabricated Realities”
VAE, Virtual Art Group Exhibition
Contemporary Art Collectors


Power of Creativity Art Book
Contemporary Art Curator



- VAE, Virtual Art Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Collectors

- International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg, Monat Gallery, Madrid

- Be inspired by the Multiplicity, Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome

- Paintings, Gallery Tila33, Kuopio, Finland


- Group Exhibition, Rossocinabro gallery, Rome

- Solo exhibition, Galleria Tila33, Kuopio

- International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxellous, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

- International Art Fair Paris, Monat Gallery Madrid

- Focus Art Fair Paris, Focus Art Fair

- Concert by Margin Alexander with Digital Group Exhibition, Auras of Brooklyn Gallery New York

- International Group Exhibition, Monat Gallery, Madrid

International Digital Group exhibition, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan

- International Group Exhibition, The Brick Lane Gallery, London


- Multimedia exhibition, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milan
- Group Exhibition, The Bricklane Gallery, London

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My paintings are available at Monat Gallery, Madrid

Find my art on Galleria Tila33

Contacts (FI) 0504010270
English contacts +358503608547